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Stands Out As A Masterpiece

I am writing you to state our absolute pleasure with our new deck built by your company. This addition to our home will be enjoyed by our family for many years, and truly adds to the overall impression of our home.

Our experience of dealing with your company has been nothing short of excellent, from our initial contact through the completion of the project. When we first contacted potential companies for quotations, your approach definitely separated your company from all others. Brad Arnold brought with him a very enthusiastic and attentive attitude. He took the time to listen to what our ideas were, the concerns we had and the questions we wanted answered. He explained the various options that were available to us, and pointed out the attentions to detail that Hickory Dickory provided. When the final plans were presented, the design far surpassed what we had tried to envision as our future deck. Brad had created exactly what we wanted, as we could never have been able to put it on paper ourselves.

Your carpenter, Fred Jackson has been wonderful working at our home. Fred has been extremely courteous and accommodating. His craftsmanship is only overshadowed by his colourful personality. He accepts nothing less than perfection in his work, and it definitely shows in the construction of our deck.

The best testimonial, however, to your company comes from the countless neighbours walking in the pathway behind our house every day, who stop and admire the deck created in our backyard. We are quite proud to tell anyone, that our deck was designed and constructed by Hickory Dickory Decks. It truly stands out as a masterpiece in our neighbourhood, and sets a new standard for decks that will be difficult to duplicate.

John and Suzanne Metcalf

Your Reputation Came Before You

Tom, I want to take a moment to thank you very much for the outstanding work on my deck. I expected this, your reputation came before you; but, what was a wonderful surprise was the respect given to our home and property while the work was being completed. As you know there wasn't a lot of room to stage not only the rip-out but the construction.

Your associate, Jeremy, was a godsend. His workmanship was outstanding, but, his personal touch was even more appreciated. He met with me every day to review progress and to seek feedback or questions. There was a daily clean-up and he made every effort to keep moving materials so that the damage to my turf would be reduced.

I hope you will be comfortable in adding this email to your testimonials and know that you can certainly use me as a reference for your more "particular" potential clients. if an organization can meet and exceed my standards - they can meet everyone's standards.

Thank you for the time you spent with me during the design process and for making yourself available, at any time, during the construction phase.

Kindest personal regards

Suzanne M. Mlekuz
Business Development Manager
Great-West Life/Quadrus Investments
Southwestem Ontario Regional Office

Professionalism, Craftsmanship, and Relationship

Dear Tom,

We couldn't let the deck season pass, without sharing some of our thoughts and feelings in response to the deck we had built by Jeremy and Hickory Dickory Decks this summer.

Three words come to mind: professionalism, craftsmanship and relationship.

Professionalism. One could not have asked for more. Jeremy arrived to our home like clockwork each day - in fact, he ultimately became our alarm clock as we ceased to set one nightly knowing we would awaken promptly each morning to the musical sounds of an electronic screwdriver. He worked solidly, often not finishing up until after 5:00pm. Our yard was left spotless. All bits and pieces were bagged and removed; time was even taken to move the remaining piles of wood to ensure the continued life span of our grass. Jeremy also took the time to explain a variety of options to us as we struggled with a decision we had made regarding our privacy lattice. A variety of smoked glass was provided to assist us in our decision making process. Jeremy even designed a number of new possibilities for us to consider; one of which we went with. Needless to say we were absolutely thrilled with the result.

Craftsmanship. I now understand the phrase, 'a custom deck'. From design to completion, our deck is pure art! It began with your careful ear and care to ensure that our needs were met. You knew that we wanted something a 'little different' and we so appreciated your willingness and eagerness to share dozens of styles until we could come up with that which was 'us'. From our dura deck floor to the 21 structural posts; to the screwed in boards just in case we need to pull one up in the future); to the individually routered edging; to the beautifully angled (45 degrees to be precise) upright posts. Jeremy created a hatch for the spa access which is almost undetectable with the human eye! Our gate is also a work of art in that it too is so hidden, we can only hope to find our way in should we require access in the future! On a serious note, the stairs and planters were beautifully created from the uniqueness of the angles to the overall construction. Watching Jeremy meticulously place individual pieces of cedar along the top stair certainly surprised us but the overall result was nothing short of a masterpiece!

Relationship. You can read the 'greats' who discuss how to create a successful business and without exception one concept is repeatedly outlined...relationship. When companies build relationship, they build loyalty. It was what we knew to be our last day with Jeremy. We knew that after three weeks, today, our deck would be finished. We laughed, wondering how we would awake the next day; talked about who I could find to cook for, but seriously, felt a little sadness. Ed really nailed it when he said that we didn't just have a deck built, we lived an experience. He was right. Having been at home for the entire process, we spent hours talking with Jeremy, watching him craft our deck, and daily learning more and more but also caring more and more. We had hours with you Tom, not only in the early days while we attempted to find a design which was right for us, but as the deck developed, through your pop-in visits. We also spent significant time (but not enough as you pulled him from us!) with Shaun, new to the company but most certainly an asset. We know that our deck has now been built and we know that it is pure quality and craftsmanship. We also know that one day in the far distant future, (10 years so we were told) our deck may no longer look as it does. The edges less smooth and boards less straight. Still, in ten years time, our memories of that three weeks, of Jeremy and Shaun, the laughs, the lunches and the after work drinks, will remain. And we'll be back. Relationship - Loyalty.

Thanks Hickory Dickory - Thanks Tom, Jeremy and Shaun.

Lane and Ed Clark

Maintenance Free Deck Materials

Dear Tom:

We have let far too much time pass before finally taking the time to write this letter, but nevertheless we wanted to take the opportunity to express our thanks to Hickory Dickory Decks for the fine craftsmanship and service that went into the completion of our deck this past summer.

The experience from our standpoint was one that you, as the President of the Company, should take great pride in.

Stan Weiland handled the design and consultation phase of the project in a fine manner. He did a great job in ensuring that the needs and ideas we had for our deck were incorporated into a workable design. We were interested in maintenance free deck materials; in this regard Stan demonstrated considerable knowledge and patience in leading us through the various options and considerations applicable to the ever-increasing number of material options available.

Mark Bowler and Shawn Keaney completed the bulk of the construction phase. Mark coordinated the construction activity and did a great job in communicating with us during this portion of the project. As the deck gradually took shape Mark went out of his way to highlight a variety of subtle changes, or options available to us, to help ensure our satisfaction with the final product. Mark's prompt return to put the finishing touches on our deck after we completed our landscaping was also appreciated.

We don't need to dwell on the craftsmanship, the reason we initially contacted Hickory Dickory Decks ~o discuss our deck was because of its reputation for craftsmanship and post-construction service. Based on our experience this reputation is well deserved.

We would like to make special note of how clean and organized the job site was left, not only at the completion of the project, but at the end of each work day. It was very much appreciated.

In summary Tom, we are delighted with our deck and again wish to express our thanks to you and your team, especially Mark, Shawn and Stan.

Yours truly,

Dave Dean
Marlyn Gardiner-Dean
Carlisle, Ontario

A Skillful and Competent Team

Dear Mark,

We just wanted to take time to express how fortunate it was that we chose Hickory Dickory Decks' to design and build our deck.

With your knowledge and guidance we believe we've chosen the right deck and material to meet our long-term needs.

From the first day, we knew we had a skillful and competent team handling our project. Jeremy and Brad managed to take the design and create a masterpiece. They even figured out a way to cover the concrete step and make it a part of the deck This took patience, skill and ingenuity on Jeremy and Brad's part to come up with a solution. As far as we were concerned finding an answer to this problem was critical to the success of the deck design. The curve we threw at Jeremy and Brad was skillfully maneuvered around and resulted in a deck with steps that met everyone's expectations, including the building inspectors. How Jeremy and Brad did it I don't know. I just know it works and that's what counts.

We believe if we hadn't had Jeremy and Brad on our project we're not sure that the obstacle would have been so masterfully overcome. A special thank you is extended to these two young lads.

Jeremy and Brad were professional. They were committed to excellence and their craftsmanship and the end result spoke for itself. They were proficient and masterful with their tools. They were clean and tidy (every evening when I came home everything was in neat and orderly piles. We never had to worry about my dogs stepping on anything, however, we're not sure that we were so diligent! Sorry guys if we missed a few doggy piles.

The deck is like a piece of art that everyone around us as well as ourselves can sit and admire. We are very proud of our new deck and are sure that choosing Eon was the right choice.

We love our home and we enjoy our back yard and we will get a lot of pleasure showing off our new deck to our friends and hopefully you will get some business from it.

Thank you Jeremy and Brad for putting up with our jokes in the mornings and for the phenomenal job you did. You are both a credit to Hickory Dickory Decks and Ed and I are extremely grateful to you both for the building a deck we will enjoy for many years to come.

Gillian & Ed Burgess

Patience and Consideration

Dear Hickory Dickory Decks,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that Bruce did building our deck this summer. We were so happy to have it done with plenty of time left to enjoy some great weather weeks, Although I don't know how Bruce managed, since my 2 year old son, Andrew, decided that Bruce needed all the help that Andrew could give.

Not only did Bruce do an exceptionally skilled and efficient job on our deck, but he had the patience and consideration to make Andrew feel he was also a part of this home project which made my son's self esteem soar. I don' t know how Santa will beat the airplane you made for him, Bruce, out of the scrap wood.

All of our friends and neighbours who have seen our deck were so impressed with the care and precision in the cuts of wood around our pool as well as the ornamental carved pieces that Bruce designed to finish the railings off with such style. It's this sense of pride in your work and sense of family that makes us feel so comfortable and excited to recommend Hickory Dickory Decks. It says a lot when someone works on your home as if it were his own.

Because of the great experience we've had with Hickory Dickory Decks, my parents have decided to add a deck to their 1 acre property In Waterdown and hope to request that Bruce do the job. This will really test Bruce's patience, since my Dad never likes to even be an 1/8 of an inch out.

Good luck Bruce, and thank you for everything.

Michelle, Serg and Andrew Albano

Fast and Efficient

Dear Sir/Madam:

This is to give praise to your employee, Bruce Wrench (is that a stage name?), who completed our deck during the first week of September.

From the moment he arrived, he was friendly, ensured the safety of our children around his equipment, and established our requests and concerns about the building process.

He immediately noticed an error in the digging and pouring of the footings and had the mistake corrected quickly. He worked fast and efficiently, yet took the time to consult us about the minor adjustments that we requested. He discussed the changes, came up with alternatives, and allowed us to make the final decision.

The deck was completed on time and meets all of our expectations. Bruce's workmanship was excellent and one neighbour went as far as describing him, as an "artist"! Our children took a shine to him, the neighbors grilled him for advice, and he took pride in his work.

He is definitely an asset to your company and we would not hesitate to request him as our "builder" again.

Yours truly,
Jim and Marianne Gaunt

Excellent Job From Start to Finish

Dear Tom:

This was an excellent job from start to finish. It was very professional and well co-ordinated.

We thank you, and everyone at Hickory Dickory Decks for supplying and installing our "Heritage Vinyl Deck". We were familiar with this product and decided that this was the product for our new deck. We called several local contractors, only to discover that they did not handle "Heritage". We were happy to discover that you carried and installed "Heritage" decking, railings, privacy fencing, etc. Your carpenter/installer, Jeremy showed excellent skills and workmanship. He is a true pro who takes pride in his work, and it shows from his attention to detail and his concern that the customer be happy with the final product.

Approximately 15 years ago your firm installed a privacy fence at our previous residence. We are pleased that your high level of professionalism has continued over time.

We love our vinyl deck and will enjoy it for years to come.

Wishing you all the best and continued success.

Yours very truly,

Mike and Dianne Robinson

Work of Art

To whom it may concern;

Having recently moved into our new home on Hampstead Road, we required a deck and after our deck building experience in our previous home the choice was not difficult. Hickory Dickory Decks provided us once again with what could be called a "work of art," not just a deck. Tom and Marco and the other people were extremely meticulous, professional' and personable. Their diligent follow-up was very much appreciated.

Recommendations will be easy to give.

Yours Sincerely,

Graham Kerr
Kerr Cadillac, Oakville

Quality, Timeliness, and Courteous

Dear Tom:

We have been enjoying our new deck for a couple of weeks and it is fantastic. The job was done professionally and the quality of workmanship is great.

Our friends and neighbors are particularly interested in the material we chose. The EON product is exactly right for our needs. The lighting system and the bench add a custom touch that is not only beautiful but practical as well.

We are very pleased with the job and definitely would recommend your company for its quality, timeliness, and courteous customer service.

Thank you.

Nicole and Renato Gris
Burlington, Ontario

Bravo, Hickory Dickory Decks!

Bravo, Hickory Dickory Decks! The moment I stumbled upon your website, I knew you were the guys to build my dream deck - and you didn't disappoint!

Thanks to Brad Arnold for turning my thoughts into a well laid out design. He persuaded me that cedar is the way to go for a quality deck, and made several recommendations on the care and treatment of my deck to ensure it will last for many years. You also came through with the awning just in time for my parents 50th anniversary.

A special thanks to Fred Jackson. He came up with several very good suggestions, and the finished deck looks even better than I imagined, thanks in part to his attention to detail and quality workmanship. He always picked up his tools and scraps of wood at the end of each day, and showed up bright and early the following morning to continue his work (in the blazing hot sun). Fred, you made it look so easy. My deck is the envy of the neighbourhood!

If I'm ever in the market for another new deck, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with you folks again.

D'Arcy McGreer

Great Deck Experience

It is with pleasure that we write this testimonial to thank the people at Hickory Dickory Decks for the great "deck experience".

Jeremy Nie & Mark Burgess of Hickory Dickory completed a fabulous front porch for us in September; this porch has become the envy of all of our neighbours! The process began with a couple visits with Tom Jacques - he came up with a nice design in short order but spent a lot of time with us discussing material options. We wanted an attractive porch that made a good use of the space available; we were also looking for low maintenance and high quality material that matched our brick & siding. We had just built our "dream home" and we wanted the front porch to fit in perfectly. Thanks to Tom, Jeremy & Mark, it has. The attention that these three spent on design, material quality and construction methods went way beyond our expectations. You don't find that kind of quality workmanship and high level of service very often anymore. This was our second construction project with Hickory Dickory Decks (Jeremy built us a cedar deck in 1996); we will be in the market for a deck for our backyard in 2002 and we know who to call!

Thanks again to Tom, Jeremy & Mark for a job well done.

Patty & Ed Jacques
Petrolia, Ont.

Three Decks... No Problem

Dear Tom:

The three decks you did for my two sons and myself are now completed and I want to convey to you our complete satisfaction for all aspects of the work.

Your advice in the planning stages was most helpful. You interpreted our thoughts, added to them from your expertise and produced a product that fulfilled all our expectations. Your men were well-mannered, thorough and unobtrusive making the undertaking a pleasant experience.

There was never a hint of cutting corners in order to do things the easy way. Each part of the job was done with care and the focus was on pride in the undertaking and customer pleasure in the work performed.

It is rare these days to accomplish a contract without hassle, Our three decks unfolded in a relaxed atmosphere which made the whole a pleasant experience. Well done.

Alf Moulden

The Little Extras that make a deck even nicer

Dear Tom,

Our family's enjoyment of outdoor living and entertainment prompted our decision to have a custom deck designed and built on our home. Our "Hickory Dickory Deck" is now completed and it is outstanding in meeting our needs and expectations.

From the original meeting to discuss our needs and ideas, to the design, choosing of options, material and construction we found you and your staff courteous, cooperative, helpful, and most important professional.

We are particularly pleased with our decision to add the lighting, shadow track, and clear cedar to the original design and look forward to enjoying our country lot from the comfort and beauty of our deck.

We want to thank you and your staff for their fine work and a job well done by recommending your company to anyone considering a quality deck.

Keep up the good work.


Wayne & Marybelle MacFarlane

Complex Deck... Expectations Exceeded

Dear Tom,

We recently hired Hickory Dickory Decks (HDD) to complete an extensive deck project at our property in Lorne Park, Mississuaga. The deck had a variety of unique facets to it including: spa; Pergola; Lighting; Three Levels; Bar; Benches; and Cabana. The project was many months in design and Hickory Dickory Decks was chosen over a number of competitors for their commitment to quality and professionalism.

I am pleased to tell you that the project is now completed and we have had our every expectation exceeded. The workmanship is first rate and the various obstacles that arose as we moved along were handled with flexibility and understanding. In particular, the project leader, Mr Bruce (BJ) Westoby was terrific at listening to our needs and then building to our specifications. His team was always comfortable to be around and conducted themselves as professionals.

In fact, the project was monitored by a few of our friends who were considering similar deck work and we have been very comfortable recommending HDD to each of them.

Thank you BJ, Tom, Johnathan Boyes and team for helping make our team project a successful reality.

Earl and Betty Roberetson

Envy of the Neighborhood

Dear Tom:

You have a unique company and every right to be very proud of both the workmanship extended by your crews and of your own professionalism. There are few services in today's world that show the "caring" that you and your people present.

Add a superior product and your guarantee of complete satisfaction and you have the basis for total satisfaction that Carol and I experienced in dealing with you.

The deck you designed and built is first class and the envy of our neighbours. The extra cost for No. 1 Western Red Cedar was well worth the money.

Thanks very much for your own personal follow-through and commitment. You certainly have "earned" our recommendation.

All the best of continued success both personally and with your company.

Tom & Carol McCarthy

The difference that experts make

Dear Tom,

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for a job well done. Actually "well done" pales in comparison to how we really feel, as my husband, Gary, and I are extremely satisfied and thrilled with the results. Several friends, whose opinions we highly value, have been over throughout and after completion and have said how impressed they are with the quality and workmanship. We couldn't agree more. The entire process right from the design stage to completion was relatively painless, your workers, especially BJ and Jeremy (who were here most often) were always considerate and helpful, and the finished deck and gazebo are beautiful. We can really appreciate the difference that experts can make. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Thanks to you, we will enjoy many happy times in our backyard.

Sue DePaulo

It's all about the 'Deck' parties

Dear Tom,

Thank you again for keeping your word and having our privacy fence completed when you said you would. As I counted on it looks fabulous.

After having enjoyed our deck over the last year, I also wanted to mention how pleased we are with the design and construction of the deck itself. As you can well imagine, we have had many memorable 'deck parties' thanks to the wonderful masterpiece your men in green shirts created. The compliments on the workmanship and design have been numerous. Thanks again for the two hours you spent with us correcting our original plans. I am truly grateful for your input as we can see now that your suggestions were good ones and necessary. Your five year guarantee is definitely honoured, as Jeff replaced a few boards today that I had not even noticed. He also repaired the gate under the deck that I damaged last winder trying to open it when it was frozen. It is obvious that all your employees take great pride in their work and are happy working for you. I understand the people you sent over to look at our deck last fall had you build one for them and I would like to once again say that you are more than welcome to send anyone over, any time, to check out our deck, if they want to see an example of workmanship. I will continue to recommend your company to anyone contemplating having a deck built. You're the best!

Good times and prosperity to you, your employees and your fine company in the future.

Gratefully Yours,
Lydia & Ric Gass

Second to 'NONE'

Dear Tom,

Deck installed at 238 Seminole Road Ancaster

A belated word of thanks and appreciation for the absolutely outstanding deck that you designed and your crew built at my home during the summer.

The entire process from the initial planning through to the final sanding was handled in a most professional, competent and friendly manner.

Without exception everyone who has seen the deck has observed that it is second-to-none in the quality of material, workmanship and design.

Special thanks to Jeremy and BJ who were, not only a pleasure to have around, but were obviously concerned that the deck they created would be a source of pride for you, for them and for us, the customer.

Once again thanks for a job well done and please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Bill and Yola Pulsifer

The Hot Tub Deck

Dear Tom,

Jeanne and I would like to thank you for the outstanding work done by you and your team in recently completing our deck. We could not be happier with both the design and workmanship quality of our new deck.

We are finding the Trex material used, to be excellent both for us and our children. It looks good, is pleasant to touch and is not slippery when wet ( a constant condition with a hot tub and two kids). It is also great not to have to worry about slivers.

The louvers around the hot tub were an excellent addition and we are working out well providing both privacy as well as air-circulation when needed.

We undertook this project with a great deal of trepidation and we are happy to say that working with your team was a wonderful experience. The modifications that we discussed and made along the way have greatly added to the enjoyment of the ultimate project. We cannot say enough good things about the quality workmanship and professionalism of the people at Hickory Dickory Decks and would be happy to recommend your company to anyone.
Thanks again for a job well done.

Best regards,
Jim & Jeanne

Enjoy Life...Outdoors!


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