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About Composite Decking

Since 1995, Hickory Dickory Decks has been building a growing portion of our projects in non-wood, low-maintenance decking. We have completed over 25,000 projects and this figure is growing weekly.

Low-maintenance decking is made up of many different materials, hence the term composite decks. Different manufacturers have different plastics, some being recycled and some new. The fillers are sometimes recycled wood, rice hulls, flax, or glass.

Besides composites, some low maintenance decking is 100% plastic. Vinyl is one of these and some again are recycled and some use new plastics.

There are also a few low maintenance decking products that are unique. The two most popular benefits of these low maintenance decking products are that they do not require yearly staining and they last longer on average than wooden decks, some by two or three times. A cedar deck has yearly maintenance costs and requires lots of hard work to keep up its good looks. Most of the low-maintenance materials will pay for themselves in less than 5 years of maintenance costs.

Some of the added benefits of composite decks are:

  • no staining
  • can last much longer than wood
  • no peeling
  • no cracking
  • no warping
  • no slivers
  • less slippery than wood
  • material has warranty
  • retains less heat
  • no surface nails or screws

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