DIY Deck Building Videos

The following video is an example of a typical deck build that Hickory Dickory Decks may perform. This deck was built by lead carpenter Jeremy Nie along with carpenter "Scotty." 


Here are the steps that were taken for this particular deck build:

  • Start by building a solid foundation.
  • Add 6' x 6' supports fixed in concrete.
  • Begin framing once the foundation has been established.
  • Add faceplates to the 6' by 6' supports.
  • Add stairs and extra blocking.
  • To avoid unsightly screw heads, decking is screwed from underneath.
  • A double border can be extended around the perimeter of the deck which can be very appealing.
  • Install the railing system.
  • Steps can also be installed with lights on the faceplates.
  • Trellises and offset decking are optional features that can add to the aesthetic of the deck.
  • Plexi-glass inserts are an idea for the railings as opposed to spindles or balusters.

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